About  Us

We manufacture and export alum crystals since 1992.
We are a German / Thai joint venture, with
 German management.

Our business policy.

We ship on FOB Bangkok term. On customers request we will ad transport
insurance and pay freight. All our products meet the terms of “Free Sale in
Thailand”, i.e. all products can be legally traded in Thailand. The customer
has to undertake due diligence to assure that the laws and regulations in
distributor’s country are fully met. O.E.L.GROUP CO.,LTD. cannot take any
responsibility, whatsoever, for products or services outside of Thailand.
We strongly advise our clients to cover any possible risk with a product liability
insurance in each country of distribution.  Payment: For order values of below
US$ 5’000.00 it is a full cash advance, above US$ 5’000.00 generally it is 50%
deposit to confirm the order, and 50% rest payment against copies of shipping
documents. Until full payment is received, O.E.L.GROUP CO.,LTD. remains the
owner of the products. After receiving full payments the original documents will
be sent by courier service to customer’s office or their representatives. Any
claims, reclamations on obvious defects should be made within 30 days after
receiving the goods. Later complains cannot be accepted. Prices and
conditions may change at any time without prior notice.

About Us

Crystals are in used by locals for over thousand years, in the Western world they were only know to a insider clique. Today the crystals conquered a world-wide market. They became even a commodity. Most crystal stones today are cheaply made in China. Raimund thinks that this is alright, because it benefits consumers world wide. Nevertheless, the O.E.L. deodorant stones are still produced by the original quality standards. Skilled craft people shape each piece in a hand made fashion. It is the O.E.L. tradition to train local people, to donate to local welfare and to actively protect and plant trees in Thailand.

For Whom We Do It:
Our ideal customers are social and environmentally conscious. Our customers repeat quality and they want to be sure that the business gives back to the local community and the environment.

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