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Raimund Homberg and his wife Sriphai are actively involved in may aid projects, mainly in the rescue of teens from human trafficking and the support of a school for migrant children. Most of the migrant children live in slums along the Burmese border. Their living conditions are horrendeous. Raimund and Sriphai support the project to pick children up from “home”, transport them home-school-home, (because otherwise they could be easily fall victim to perpetrators) bring them to school were they not only get a decent education but also much needed nourishment.  One day Raimund was inspired to ask a general question:
Please tell me, what do you drink?”
Until now nobody complained about being thirsty. Nobody asked for water. Yes, many children are often sick, any many people die of diseases, but goby ever complained about having not enough water. So, this problem we uncovered for over 17 years. Now Raimund asked this question: “Please tell me, what do you drink every day?” The Avoda team was shaken by the answer.
The refugees have basically three options to receive drinking water: 1. They buy bottled water. A 0.3 gallon water bottle cost about THB 10.-. In comparison to US purchase power, if a worker in the USA receives a daily salary of USD 50.-, he would have to pay USD 3.30 per bottle of water.
It means, a family of 5 would pay at least USD 15.-/day only on water. Impossible. That is why the slum dwellers cannot afford to buy clean bottled water. Open # 2 are tap water, which the government provides for free. Unfortunately many of the Avoda children live far away from this precious water resource. The only viable option # 3 is: drink  dirty water from the nearby creeks and canals. This water is often contaminated with sewage. Perhaps you would like to know if they are able to boil the water before consumption? The only source for cooking is charcoal - and charcoal is expensive. No, unfortunately most people in the slums are not able to sterilize the water before consumption, the thirst torments them - they are forced to drink contaminated water.
Every cup of untreated water may cause disease or even death

According to the statistics of OM, the German mission agency, around the world is every 15 seconds is one child dying of water related diseases. Every 15 seconds one child!!! Four children per each minute. 240 children per each hour. 5760 children die each and every day because they have no access to clean drinking water.

When tRaimund learned about the plight of the children in our school we were deeply saddened and felt so sorry.
Understanding bears responsibility
Immediately Raimund and his team planed to produce suitable water filter. We pray that we are able to equip each family with a filter system. It does not cost much. Life is precious. And of course, the aid foundation will inspect and help to maintain the filters.

The water filter production has started. Our budget is still limited. To install a filter, and maintain it for a year cost approximately USD 95.- per year, per family.  This is less than 30 cents per day - or equals a pizza per month. If we sacrifice one pizza per month - a family of five people can have clean drinking water every day.
We invite you to join in this noble project.
You can donate USD 95.- and OEL GROUP will send the water filter free of any charge to the Avoda Foundation. Avoda Foundation will issue you with a donation receipt..

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