Body Deodorant Stones



About Deodorant Stone Crystals

Body Deodorant Stones

Cancer research points out that aluminum from commercial body deodorants and anti perspirants may enter the human blood circulation and are suspected of being the culprits of female breast cancer.

Alum deodorant stone crystals do not enter the human blood circulation and are therefore safe to use.

O.E.L.GROUP Body Deodorant Stones are 100% pure, they do not contain any additives (no conservation additives, no artificial fragrance, no paraben etc) - they are therefor anti allergenic.

O.E.L.GROUP Body Deodorant Stones are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

O.E.L.GROUP Body Deodorant Stones leave a microscopic protective layer on the skin which prevents body bacteria from causing unwanted body odor.

O.E.L.GROUP Body Deodorant Stones last for over 24 hours.

After shower, simply gently apply to the still wet underarms.

Body Deodorant Stone, 100g / 3.5 ounce         picture3

Body Deodorant Stone Stick, 75g/ 2.6 ounce

Body Deodorant Sport Stick, 75g/ 2.6 ounce

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