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Raimund Homberg discovered the Thai alum deodorant crystal in 1988. He was amazed by its extraordinary power to eliminate body odor for 24 hours. Since this stones are suitable for even the most sensitive skin Raimund felt a calling to make his discovery known to the global community. It was an uphill battle, because the giant cosmetic industry controls the body deodorant market. Because a 100g deodorant stone last with daily use for over 1 year the consumer focused cosmetic industry tries to suppress ist distribution. Although deodorant stones are known for thousand of years, and they were always distributed in the western world (remember grandpa’s shaving stone? It was made from alum crystals) But to bring wide range knowledge to the world wide community it was a battle of David against Goliath. David won the fight, and Raimund managed to make the body deodorant known all around the world. Today, just type body deodorant stones into google and you will find suppliers in every country.
Cancer research mentions often that aluminum from commercial body deodorants may be behind women’s breast cancer. The alum stone does not enter the human blood stream - so it is safe from contaminating the body and thus it is said to prevent breast cancer. This fact makes the deodorant crystal a first women’s choice in body care.

The fact that body deodorant stones are free of any additional chemicals (no conservatives, no artificial perfume, no paragon) renders them perfectly anti allergenic.

Last but not least, the stones are completely odor free, thus they would never interfere with your personal body perfume.

Alum deodorant stones protect you against unwanted body odor for over 24 hours.

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